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San Antonio - США

San Antonio » Работа » JOB

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23 Июль, 2019 (Вторник), Размещено до: 23 Ноябрь, 2019 (Суббота)    
Автор: RelayshopUSA
спам | запрещено | не в том разделе | дискуссия | Что это?

Регион : San Antonio

Категория:  На дому

Hello, My name is Nick, and I represent RelayshopUSA company.
could you please tell me, are you still looking for a job?
So our forwarding company ships parcels from the US shops all over the world.basically, we're an intermediary between the US online retailer and the customer, currently, due to rapid growth, we are seeking for an enthusiastic, trustworthy and self-motivated quick learner to join our Parcel Coordination Team.
I'm just gonna ask you a couple of questions, is that okay?
-do you have a car?
-are you looking for a job as an additional income or it will be a full-time job?
Based on the previous answer: I can offer you a carrier driver job or regular carrier which means you don't need a car or anything and the parcels will arrive at your address, if you interested.
Then let me tell you everything about the job.
As our employee, your tasks will be :
- Recipiency of correspondence, small-sized packages at your address or from ups and FedEx stations and everything will be paid by the company and all the documents will be provided by us in that case, so it requires no investment from you, the parcels are mostly electronics and brand clothing, from official stores of course
- Inspection of the contents of the received parcels;
- Brief, simple daily reports;
- Verification of external condition & discrepancies between declared & actual data
then after that, we send you a label to send it.
basically, it is not complicated, and you will understand everything after the first parcel
Now let's talk about what we're offering:
first, highly flexible schedule, competitive compensation, and a friendly environment.
The income though depends only on you and is sent at your PayPal account, you will receive 20 $ from each parcel if it comes to your house, and 50$, if you had to go for it. The gasoline is also paid by the company, 30$ per 100 miles.
Our operators are always ready to help you, we work from 9 am till 6 pm NY.
If you agree, please call me or write letter.

+1 404 382 0870

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